My weapons of choice

Have you ever wondered what equipment i use to capture my water images? Well here they are!


The equipment i am currently using is a Canon 1Dc camera, Aquatec Imaging Solutions water housing with a flat port, Canon 24-105mm L lens and last but not least the trusty old Dafin swim fins. At the moment i am mainly using the Canon 24-105mm lens because whether i am shooting waves, spearfishing, surfing or sea life i can sit a little further back and zoom in on my subject or i can get close and zoom out. I find this extremely fun as you can get such a variety of shots in 1 session. With the Canon 1Dc i am extremely blessed to own this camera, not only is the image quality exceptional but it shoots 4K video which is going to be the next best thing in video quality, And the Aquatec surf housing just speaks for itself, sturdy absolute quality in build and so reliable.

Well i hope this is a little bit of an insight of what i use and i look forward to telling you some of my tips and tricks of shooting in the water.