I really enjoy shooting video but it is something that i have grown to enjoy as i never really used to enjoy it. I guess that comes from a lack of understanding and i have always found it really hard to capture the moment in video.

I am slowly learning and teaching myself how to shoot and how to edit the clips which is by far the hardest and time consuming part.

For this clip i shot everything on my Canon 5D Mark III with the Canon 24-105mm lens as i have found it great for video and the image stabiliser is an added bonus as well, as well as using a Zacuto view finder to keep out the light as i was trying to focus. I filmed everything at 50 frames as i find the slow motion alot more captive with this kind of film compared to normal rate.

With editing i graded everything in Lightroom with a VSCO Canon preset then pieced it together in Final Cut Pro X.

I hope you enjoy.