My weapons of choice

Have you ever wondered what equipment i use to capture my water images? Well here they are!


The equipment i am currently using is a Canon 1Dc camera, Aquatec Imaging Solutions water housing with a flat port, Canon 24-105mm L lens and last but not least the trusty old Dafin swim fins. At the moment i am mainly using the Canon 24-105mm lens because whether i am shooting waves, spearfishing, surfing or sea life i can sit a little further back and zoom in on my subject or i can get close and zoom out. I find this extremely fun as you can get such a variety of shots in 1 session. With the Canon 1Dc i am extremely blessed to own this camera, not only is the image quality exceptional but it shoots 4K video which is going to be the next best thing in video quality, And the Aquatec surf housing just speaks for itself, sturdy absolute quality in build and so reliable.

Well i hope this is a little bit of an insight of what i use and i look forward to telling you some of my tips and tricks of shooting in the water.



Its Exploring time

I was finally able to buy my first boat and am super excited for the opportunities its going to bring not only for exploring new places with my underwater photography but also to do some some new tours of norfolk such as snorkelling and free diving in places that aren't normally seen without a boat. 

Heres a few underwater shots of my first adventure out spearfishing with the new boat.


Purple Days

The other afternoon when i was out photographing the waves i decided to hang out there until dark in the hope an amazing sunset would pop out for me to shoot. Well my patients well and truly paid off when these stunning colours popped out of the sky. When you are doing surf photography everything has to line up and when this sunset came out like it did i knew i only had a limited time before the colours went away. I was frantically swimming around trying to get a good breaking wave as well as constantly checking my camera settings as the light was changing so much. In the end of my manic swimming i actually think i got a couple nice ones haha.

A sharky Tale

If you knew me you would know growing up surfing that i had a pretty healthy fear of sharks!! I don't know where it came from but it was there and i never thought it would go away haha. I actually never even used to snorkel or swim with goggles on because i didn't want to know what was underneath me in the water haha.

But since i have started shooting underwater Photography that fear of sharks has pretty much disappeared. Once you swim with them a few times you get to understand that they are just as cautious of you as you are of them. These beautiful animals definitely deserve a lot of respect.

Here are a few Shark Photo's that i have taken so far.


I really enjoy shooting video but it is something that i have grown to enjoy as i never really used to enjoy it. I guess that comes from a lack of understanding and i have always found it really hard to capture the moment in video.

I am slowly learning and teaching myself how to shoot and how to edit the clips which is by far the hardest and time consuming part.

For this clip i shot everything on my Canon 5D Mark III with the Canon 24-105mm lens as i have found it great for video and the image stabiliser is an added bonus as well, as well as using a Zacuto view finder to keep out the light as i was trying to focus. I filmed everything at 50 frames as i find the slow motion alot more captive with this kind of film compared to normal rate.

With editing i graded everything in Lightroom with a VSCO Canon preset then pieced it together in Final Cut Pro X.

I hope you enjoy.

The ever changing ocean

There is so much going on in the ocean it really blows my mind!

Especially when it comes to waves! no wave is the same and i love capturing all types.

I have been meaning to get down to this little bombora to get some shots, as i have watched it before for hours and the different shapes that these waves make from the white wash bouncing back out into the next wave just mesmerises me.

I got down there yesterday as the sunset and the colours were incredible!

This is what i got, i hope you enjoy and look out for alot more of these kind of shots

z :) 


My goodness we have had such an amazing run of waves since christmas it has felt so good being all waterlogged.

It just blows me away that its the school holidays and the waves are that good and i still get them all to myself! I even had time to surf for 3 hours which is strange for me these days as i can't put my camera down.

Here are a few of the waves this past week


The Moving ocean

I love shooting any kind of format in the water, i really think its good to mix things up and not be stale and stick with one thing. Video is really challenging and i am looking forward to shooting more video this year.

I hope you enjoy this little clip!

Norfolk OCEAN Challenge

WOW!!!! what an epic week shooting the Norfolk OCEAN Challenge outrigging event!!

I met so many great people and had a blast jumping in and out of the water all around the island trying to get the best shots i possibly could.

Even though i had never photographed any sort of outrigging i was confident i could get some great shots knowing the oceans around home.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the event.